GIS Assists 0in Contracted Mowing Process


Spring is in the air and that means it’s once again time to dust off
the ole mower. Although, like many larger municipalities, Tinley Park
has decided to ditch the mower, and the yearly maintenance and higher
labor costs that come along with the mower. The Village will contract
out mowing responsibilities to a private landscaping company. This
allows the Village to save on equipment maintenance costs, fuel and
labor by paying a company who specializes in landscaping, providing a
cheaper overall cost to the Village.

Previously the contractor was given an Excel table with the
locations, and tractor types for each mowing area. The contractor would
then estimate total mowing costs by visiting the 100+ sights. This was
neither accurate nor efficient. When input into the GIS system that
same table can be stored, tracked and most important displayed in a way
that is more intuitive. Another very important advantage to managing
the data in GIS is it can also provide an accurate estimate of the
square footage, acreage or any other standard metric the contractor
requires for measuring the mowing area. This allows the Village to
receive a fair bid and not be over charged and ensures that the
contractor has a better understanding of what exactly needs to be and
does not need to be mowed.