GIS Assists First Responders in Mutual Aid Calls for Service


During a local emergency response call, for something such as a fire
or EMS emergency, a responding local government community may call upon
the resources and emergency equipment of its neighboring communities to
assist. The most common call for service usually comes in the role of a
"back up" unit that will sit at the empty public safety location should
anything go wrong or should another emergency in the area arise. This is
a common occurrence, but it is not so common that “backup” first
responders have local site knowledge committed to memory. Geographic
Information Systems (GIS) is helping to support first responders by
providing location and site information for responders pulling up to a
foreign support community location.

Using a map application called MapOffice™, a custom layer showing
important locations within the neighboring community can be added and,
with the click of the mouse, first responders can see both where they
are going and important information related to that place. This
important information can include things such as where to park
equipment, how to access a building, and who to contact for further
assistance. This is important to have when arriving at a scene because
many times the only other people who know this information are out
responding to another call.