GIS Assists in Locating Possible Electronic Message Board Sites


Electronic message boards seem to be a common site these days when
traveling down a busy street through a commercial area. These electronic
message boards can convey advertising information pertaining to a
particular business, notifications of a scheduled event on the calendar,
and even public service announcements from the community as a whole.
Currently, the City of Park Ridge contains no electronic message boards
within its borders, but it is looking into the possibility of changing
that. In order to do that, however, some guidelines needed to be
specified in order to limit the possible locations that an electronic
message board could be placed. These guidelines included that a parcel
must be greater than two acres in size, must be located on an arterial
street, and only certain commercial and special use zoning types be

Armed with all this information, it was up to GIS to determine the
possible locations for the electronic message boards. Using the criteria
stated above, a model was created to determine any parcel that matched
all three of the previously stated criteria. Once those parcels were
determined, a map was created to present this information at future city
council meetings where the ultimate decision on whether or not to allow
these electronic message boards will be made. Without GIS, a city
employee would be charged with the unenviable task of manually searching
for parcels that fit all of the stated criteria by hand, adding hours
of time to complete this project.​​​