GIS assists in maintaining Village alleys


During the major snowstorm of February 2011, the Village of Norridge
Public Works staff needed to start plowing the alleys so that residents
could get their vehicles out of their garages. Unfortunately, the
amount of snow prohibited staff from plowing them. The Village wanted
to send notices to all residents along the alleys to assure them that
they would be cleared of snow as soon as possible. The village did not
have a current list of the addresses along the alleys and asked the GIS
department to create a list that could be added to the village’s CTY
Reverse 911 system.

First, the village staff, using aerial imagery and local knowledge,
highlighted all the alleys within the village limits. Then, all the
addresses with access to the alleys were added to a specific table.
This table was then added to the village’s notification system allowing
the village to contact just residents who live on the alleys to let them
know of any specific events that only concern them. By using GIS, the
village was able to quickly select all the residences that were attached
to the alleys and add their addresses as a group, therefore eliminating
the need to pick out each individual address anytime a notification had
to be sent out.