GIS Assists in Marketing Village Facilities to Cell Tower Companies


Communities around the world are always looking for creative ideas to
generate extra revenue streams, especially in down economies. Ideas
that don’t involve adding or raising local taxes are always the most
popular ones.  An easy potential
source of additional income that would keep local residents content is
to lease village owned facilities to cell phone companies for the
purpose of erecting cell phone towers to the top of village buildings.
In order to assist with the marketing of this idea, it was decided that a
GIS produced map would be a useful method to accomplish this goal.

A map was created showing the location of existing
cell phone towers and their operators as well as village owned
properties and buildings. One important detail to the map was the
addition of the tallest height of each village owned building since this
has a tremendous influence on a cell tower company’s decision on
whether it would be a suitable location for a tower or not. By using the
map as an illustration, the village can utilize this as a critical part
of any future marketing campaign, while at the same time keep local
residents happy without turning to them for the much needed additional