GIS Assists in Planning for Future Village Annexations

Expanding community boundaries to increase population and tax base area is something local governments deal with from time to time.  Recently, the Village of Glen Ellyn, IL began to look at unincorporated areas to the north and south of the village as potential areas to incorporate into the village limits via annexation.  These areas were identified for this as they fall within the Glen Ellyn planning jurisdiction, which gives the village the ability to annex parcels within this area if certain conditions are met. In order to accurately plan for these future annexations, the village Geographic Information System (GIS) department was consulted to produce a series of maps and area calculations to assist the Planning and Development department in preparing for what most likely will be a large addition to the village in the near future.

To assist with these annexation efforts, multiple maps were created showing parcels in these areas that have existing annexation agreements in place with the village, along with the road right of way that would be annexed along with them. Once these areas were visible on the map, Planning and Development staff could better determine which additional parcels would be most beneficial to begin the process of getting annexation agreements setup for future annexations. Statistics were also generated for the amount of acres being annexed and, most importantly, the amount of miles of additional road right of way the village would have to maintain if the annexations occurred.  Using GIS, all information regarding the parcels being considered for annexation was clearly illustrated for department staff and elected officials, providing them with critical resources for making the appropriate decisions regarding village expansion.