GIS Assists in Reporting Street Light Outages

Street light outages are among the most common calls made to the Village of Norridge by residents.  Many times these calls, which can occur up to 20 times in one day, are repeats from different residents reporting the same street light outage.  The village decided that it needed a better system of tracking and responding back to resident calls in order to reduce this redundancy in outage tracking and free up village staff time spent documenting and responding to each call. To accomplish this goal, the village Administration asked the village Geographic Information Systems (GIS) department to develop a method for tracking and displaying these outages spatially on the village website. 

By leveraging the power and simplicity of user friendly templates in ESRI’s ArcMap and the village’s browser based mapping application, MapOffice™, the village is now able to track street light outage locations spatially and relay that information to residents on a daily basis. The street light outage information is also available to all staff in the village, which allows for resident inquires to be answered quickly no matter who receives the call.  Having reported street light outage locations available to all staff is important because it prevents multiple work orders from being generated for the same location, thereby eliminating duplication of work and a creating a more efficient allocation of field crew resources.