GIS Assists in the Creation of a Disc Golf Map


Almost all communities contain parks and open space, but the vast
majority are managed by a local park district. In Lincolnwood, the Parks
and Recreation department is a village department and not a separate
entity. Lincolnwood Centennial Park recently underwent a huge renovation
which, among other things, included the creation of a nine-hole disc
golf course, better known as Frisbee golf. GIS was consulted to create
an overview map of the course, which would then be mounted on a sign at
start of the course to give players an idea of the locations of each
hole, the length between the start and finish of each hole, and any
possible obstacles that may be encountered along the way, such as trees,
bushes, or even cyclists or pedestrians using bike trails that
crisscross parts of the course.

Being that Lincolnwood Centennial Park is approximately one mile long
and less than 200 feet wide, a one foot by four foot map was produced
for this elongated nine-hole course. The map was created from park plans
and field checks. Once the map was completed, it was sent out to an
outside vendor for mounting in the field. There are also plans in the
future to create nine individual maps, one for each hole. Look for this
overview map to be welcoming players to the first tee box in the very
near future!