GIS Assists in the Surface Transportation Program Grant Application


There is a constant need for road improvements and upgrades
throughout a transportation network. However, there are usually
insufficient funds available for a community to complete most of these
projects. One potential solution to this problem is the Surface
Transportation Program. The Surface Transportation Program provides
federal funding to state departments of transportation. A portion of
this funding is redistributed by IDOT to various Council of Mayors.
Lincolnwood is a member of the North Shore Council of Mayors, which is
currently accepting project requests for 2013 thru 2017. The one
criterion for use of these grants is that the road must be a federally
eligible road. There are two road improvement projects that the village
is applying for that fall under this realm: adding a dedicated left hand
turn lane on Central Avenue at the intersection with Pratt Avenue, and
resurfacing Pratt Avenue from Lockwood Avenue to Crawford Avenue. It was
determined that GIS would be utilized to prepare the necessary maps for
the application process.

Maps were created for both site locations showing the extent and
scope of the project. Regional maps were also created showing the
location of the project in relation to the surrounding geographic area.
These maps will then be used as part of the packet for the grant
application that will be submitted by September 30th. If the grant
application is approved, then the village will only be on the hook for a
fraction of the construction costs rather than having to fund the
project independently if it undertook these same projects without the