GIS Assists in TIF Redevelopment

The Village of Wheeling is in the process or reevaluating two TIF districts.  A TIF district is described to be an “instrument created by the State of Illinois to promote the economic development or redevelopment of high priority areas within a community.”1  There are many factors and variables that come into play when creating or adjusting a TIF district.  The GISC was able to assist the redevelopment process by performing a thorough analysis of parcels, PINs, and addresses that fall within the redevelopment boundaries.


Analysis was performed on Wheeling’s address data allowing us to select addresses that fell within the TIF boundaries and also addresses that fell within a specific buffer.  The GIS department was then able to export the addresses into an Excel worksheet for use in legal documents, public notices, and even labels for mailings.  This is another example of how GIS can provide an impact in a community by streamlining workflows and eliminating duplication of work. You can find more information about Wheeling’s TIF districts on their website.