GIS Assists in Whole Foods Site Speed Survey


New businesses will likely attract more people to a given area. Whole
Foods is opening up a new store on Touhy Avenue between Washington
Avenue and Berry Parkway. Residents living in the neighborhood around
the future Whole Foods grocery store site are concerned that increased
customer traffic heading to and from the store will lead to an increase
in the speed of vehicles traveling down their residential streets,
thereby making their quiet neighborhood more dangerous. The police
department conducted speed surveys on all the nearby residential streets
that will be affected when the store opens for business next year. To
display the results from these surveys, GIS was utilized to create a map
of the area with all the pertinent information that the police
department can use for planning purposes.

Unlike previous speed survey maps created by GIS, this one was a
little different. Individual surveys were taken for traffic flowing in
both directions rather than having one survey averaging both directions
together. This map also had more detailed information about the surveys
than previous maps had. This is important for the next step in this
project. Police plan to conduct the same survey on the same streets
approximately six months after the store has opened. The findings from
these surveys will then be analyzed and the appropriate measures will be
taken to combat any problems or concerns that may have developed.
Without GIS, all the data in this map would be locked up in spreadsheets
and without any geographic connection. With these maps in hand, this
data can be more easily understood and analyzed, therefore making the
decision process less time consuming and more efficient.