GIS assists Public Works with Planning Street Snow Removal

Blog_GISassistsPublicWorkswithPlanningStreetSnowRemoval.pngThe ​ Public Works Department tasks the GIS Office with maintaining
several maps related to snow removal. The first set op maps are 8.5” x
11 inch plow zone maps that are kept in the truck as a reference to the
assignment area for their truck. There are maps for specific trucks as
well, such as one shows showing arterial route plowing, cul-de-sac snow
removal, and main salting routes. In addition the GIS office creates
large wall sized maps of snow removal zones, arterial plowing routes,
and slating routes to assist the foreman with managing the trucks during
a snow event.

Based on changes in personnel and equipment as well issues that might
have arisen in the previous year, the maps are reviewed and updated
every Fall. Updating the maps is easy because the map layout remains
consistent from year to year. The dates on the map are dynamic text and
are automatically updated every time the project is opened. All the
maps reference the same data set, so an update to a snow removal route
in one map will automatically display in the other maps as well.

By using GIS, the Public Works Department can quickly have new maps
that show updated information. Thus the snow removal drivers will have
the most accurate information to complete their task efficiently.