GIS Assists with Sidewalk Condition Survey

The Village of Riverside, IL recently conducted a condition survey of all the sidewalks in the village as part of a larger sidewalk management plan, aimed at keeping the village’s sidewalks in compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act.  The survey was conducted by a third party sidewalk survey contactor and the data was collected using mobile mapping software and mobile smart devices. The final survey was delivered to the village Geographic Information Systems (GIS) staff as a formatted Excel table with latitude and longitude coordinate readings captured from the mobile smart devices for each sidewalk square that was surveyed.  Using these coordinates, the GIS staff was able to easily map the survey locations and create products that can be used by local village Public Works staff when spot checking the sidewalk survey results.  The map products were also very helpful in providing information to crews that were hired to repair sidewalk that was in poor condition, displaying exactly where and what type of work needed to be done throughout the village.