GIS Begins Bringing in Sewer and Storm Televising Videos into MapOffice


The City of Highland Park has long been tracking the condition of the
Sewer and Sanitary pipes through PipeTech and televising videos. These
videos help to understand the condition of these pipes and if any
repairs or replacements need to be completed. These videos are made
specifically through PipeTech and viewable through their application in a
.ptv file. However, new measures are in place to centralize sewer and
sanitary data in MapOffice. This will give the user the ease of seeing
all the data in MapOffice instead of going to multiple locations. With
that, The City of Highland Park GIS has developed a way to bring these
PipeTech videos into MapOffice.

Currently, this process is underway and is seeing much development
with data. These videos are linked in GIS with unique ID numbers which
will enable the multiple videos to be viewed on one pipe. This will be
viewable in a Custom Overlay and managed through GIS. As new videos are
inputted with PipeTech, GIS will bring these videos in through there
file path and into MapOffice.

Without GIS, Public Works would need to view these videos in a
separate application and would not be able to see any other attributed
data to that pipe. Now, with this new data development, Public Works
will be able to view the videos and data in one centralized location in