GIS Brings Sewer Televising Videos into MapOffice Advanced™


The City of Highland Park, IL contracts with a company to take
televised videos of sanitary pipes in certain areas of the community.
This is essential to making sure these pipes are in good working order
and to identify any issues or obstructions. If there are obstructions
discovered during televising, the sewer foreman is able to have these
problem areas fixed or replaced.

After the televising is complete, the video files are brought to the
Public Works department and loaded onto a local city network drive for
viewing. Each video is placed inside a folder with a unique folder
name that identifies its location and unique pipe number. From there,
the Geographic Information System (GIS) department is able to take those
videos and link them to the sanitary utility pipes that are in the GIS
database. After the videos are linked, the sewer foreman is able to view
all videos through the city’s interactive mapping application,
MapOffice™ Advanced, instead of having to go through a separate program
to open each video individually. Being able to view these videos
through a spatial environment helps to provide context to where each
video was recorded in the city, which saves time and provides efficiency
to the foreman’s video review workflow