GIS Consortium in GeoSpatial Today

​GIS Specialists Erik Voight, Jason Sphar and Mike Falkofske of MGP
Inc. along with former City of Des Plaines Economic Development
Coordinator Jennifer Ganser recently published an article regarding
local government and information transparency in the February 2011

Erik and Jennifer outlined the benefits of providing business vacancy
information in Google Maps. The authors find that providing this
information has reduced the time business space stays vacant and
ultimately increases economic revenues back to the City. Jason and Mike
describe the benefits of providing parking information on local
government websites for Park Ridge and Highland Park. Making parking
information available on the web provides information that demystifies
local parking ordinances and restrictions which encourages citizens to
take of downtown urban spaces.

The content of this article was presented at the Fall Illinois GIS
Association (ILGISA) conference and Wisconsin Land Information
Association (WLIA) annual conference. GeoSpatial is a publication for
GIS practitioners with a circulation of approximately 10,000, primarily
in North America, Europe and Asia Pacific.

The article can be found at: