GIS Creates Planting Routes for Seasonal Tree Plantings

Each year, hundreds of local community parkway trees need to be removed for various reasons. The City of Park Ridge, IL does its best in keeping up with these removals, as the budget allows, by planting trees to replace the ones that are removed.  Twice a year, once in the spring and once in the fall, the city contracts with multiple nurseries to plant anywhere from 150-300 trees depending on a variety of factors.  Each nursery has a list of addresses of planting sites that they are responsible for so, to assist with developing the best routes for planting at each property, the city’s Geographic Information Systems (GIS) department was contacted to assist the nurseries in their planting endeavors.

In previous years, a static map with planting locations was provided to each nursery to assist in their tree planting efforts. Instead of producing the same basic planting location map as had been done previously, vehicle routing information was added to the map to better assist the nursery in determining not only where the planting locations were located, but the quickest and most efficient route to plant each tree.  These maps also have a copy of the planting address list, which illustrates what type of tree will be planted and the actual parkway location in which each tree will be planted at. Turn by turn directions, that include distances between each, were also  provided as a supplemental resource to the routing maps.

Having these maps and supplemental lists in the driver’s hands allows less time to be lost during the planting process due to lack of knowledge of the community, wrong turns, or bad directions.  With the new additions of the routing information and the turn by turn directions to the already existing planting location maps, the tree planting process now takes less time and is more efficient than in past years for all nurseries involved.