GIS Directly Links the Public to Capital Improvements

The City of Highland Park has been using GIS for many years but recently more advances have been made, specifically in the way in which the public can view the capital improvements in the City. Previously, when the public would want information on the capital improvements, they would call into Public Works and be directed to MapOffice Public and then to the custom overlay to locate the information. This method worked for the city but GIS worked at developing an easier way for the public to view the information on their own or through just a click of one button! The solution was MapOffice Public and a direct constructions project link on the City webpage.


Now, when the public calls in for information on capital improvements in the city, staff only needs to direct them to the City webpage and to click on "Construction Projects."  From there, automatically MapOffice Public appears and the capital improvements custom overlay is brought up! No instructions needed to locate the custom overlay because it is already visible at the click of one button! This has drastically improved the way in which staff directs residents to the capital improvements and cuts back on the individual call time.