GIS Finishes Integrating Lateral Lines in the Water System


The Village of Winnetka Water and Electric Department has long been
heavily involved with the village’s Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
department and creating new project ideas. One such idea involved
integrating the department’s water lateral lines to all buildings so
that field crews would be able to view the information in a map outside
of an office environment. Through GIS this has been accomplished and is
starting to produce more analysis ideas based on the lateral line data.

This project had many steps to completion that heavily involved the
collaboration between the Water and Electric Department and GIS. Water
lateral index cards gave in-depth descriptions of the location of
lateral lines and from that, Winnetka staff was able to use the village
map application, MapOffice™, to draw in the correct locations of these
lines and provide those drawings to the GIS staff. Additionally, any
corrections to the distribution system were made at the same time to
further improve the system and its accuracy. From these maps, GIS was
able to edit the water system to match the marked up maps. This was a
long process that has had a high ending result for staff members.

Without GIS, these lateral lines would still be located on index
cards and not spatially located in a map that could be accessed by field
workers. GIS is giving The Village of Winnetka more in depth viewable
data in an advanced mapping application.