GIS helps hidden treasures find a new home


The village of Norridge approves numerous garage sales every year.
Along with permitting the garage sales, the village also receives a
great deal of calls pertaining to the location, date and times of garage
sales. Using MapOffice™, the village’s online Geographic Information
System (GIS) map viewer, village staff is able to easily manage and
disseminate information to the public about past, present and future
garage sale locations.

Through the use of automated scripting, village staff is able to
update the GIS information on the public website without needing a GIS
specialist and without changing the daily work processes. The process,
for staff, is as easy as choosing an address from a drop list in a
Microsoft Excel spread sheet staff is currently using to log the garage
sales. At the end of the day, automated computer scripting takes over.
The automated process maps the garage sale information and displays the
layers and associated information on the web using MapOffice™. The
automated process is essential for this mapping application because a
GIS specialist may not always available to manually update the data,
which is updated daily.

This automated mapping process, along with the spatial medium
provided by MapOffice™, gives the power of displaying important
information to all village staff, where previously the responsibility
relied on one individual.