GIS Helps Map Library Cardholders


                The Village of Lincolnwood partnered with the Lincolnwood Public Library District to work on a GIS project to map the locations of library cardholders within the Village.  This project has allowed the library to better visualize how much of the Village they are currently serving, and the location of any underserved areas.  To complete this project GIS worked to geocode a list of over 5,000 cardholder addresses provided by the Library.  From these points, the corresponding buildings were then selected to better highlight the residences of cardholders in comparison with the other buildings.  

                By highlighting the residences of cardholders on a map the library is now better prepared to serve and aid the Village residents, especially when applying for library cards.  This project has also allowed them to gain a better understanding of the geographic layout of their card holders across the Village.  In this instance the Village of Lincolnwood was able to leverage their GIS capabilities to bridge organizational boundaries and aid the Lincolnwood Public Library District in their efforts.  This project also represents a great base effort and foundation for possible future analysis such as card holder density mapping, or address investigation.