GIS in support of emergency dispatch


The City of Highland Park uses the New Application to dispatch Fire
and Police units to reported incidents. From the addresses used to
accurately respond to incidents to the background layers used in the
map, New World relies heavily on GIS information. Without accurate GIS
information supplied by the City, the New World application would have
difficulty creating accurate responses. One of the most crucial factors
in accurate responses are good addresses. This is supplied by the GIS
systems as address points and a street centerline. These are regularly
reviewed and updated by the GIS Office and other City Employees.

The New World application requires data to be in a specific
format with specific fields. The GIS Office wrote a script that
efficiently converts the GIS data to required format. The GIS Office
also provides support during data by assisting the Police Department
with loading the GIS data into New World. Their primary role during
this process is resolving data related issues.

Without a robust GIS, the City would have o pay for GIS data
provided by a vendor. This data would not be as accurate as data
maintained by the City. Also, the City would not have the direct
support they currently have during the data updates. Maintaining an
accurate and complete GIS ensure that New World is using the best data
possible and that it is returning accurate responses. The residents of
Highland Park can be assured that their dispatch services will respond
efficiently, should they ever need them.​