GIS Incorporates Recapture Agreements into MapOffice

Blog_GISIncorporatesRecaptureAgreementsintoMapOffice.pngThe City of Highland Park previously kept all recapture agreements on file and in EDENS with no real spatial association. This meant that a city employee could look up an agreement through EDENS but to view the paper copy would need to locate it in a file drawer from Engineering. This system becomes cumbersome and is where GIS can the solution. The City came up with a plan to incorporate all recapture agreement documents in GIS and ultimately in MapOffice™ to be viewed by staff. This would include all of the information for the agreements that are in EDENS as well as links to the scanned agreements themselves.

Using GIS, all information from EDENS was documented in attribute data and spatially located based on PIN’s. From there, all documents were scanned in and documented in GIS to create a link in MapOffice™. Now, City staff has the ability to view all recapture agreements and the scanned document in one location, MapOffice™.

Without the use of GIS, staff would still be looking up information in two locations without a spatially identified location. By placing this information in GIS, staff reduces the amount of time spent retrieving information.