GIS Integrates Hydrant Painting Schedules into MapOffice™

The Village of Winnetka Public Works and Water and Electric Departments has long been heavily involved with the village’s Geographic Information Systems (GIS) department to create new project ideas. One such idea was to take an existing project for the hydrant painting schedule and incorporate it further into GIS and MapOffice™. Previously, Winnetka GIS was creating paper maps on request for the hydrant schedules. This was well maintained but the process could be improved for easy access.

Due to the need to view the hydrant maps on a more regular basis when GIS may not be onsite, it was decided to create a custom overlay for staff to reference at any time. No longer does GIS need to continuously print hydrant maps, rather staff can refer to the custom overlay and print directly from MapOffice™. Also, when updated schedules are created, the data can be updated by GIS which is then updated in MapOffice™ as well. 

Without GIS, Winnetka would still be referring to paper maps on request. This worked well for Winnetka but as technology advances, so does the way in which it is accessed. With having a custom overlay of the hydrant painting schedules, it is easy for staff to view at any given time.