GIS Integrates with Emergency Dispatch System

The Village of Tinley Park, IL recently invested in a new public safety dispatch system with mapping and vehicle tracking capabilities.  Mapping capabilities for emergency response is crucial and having a map that shows detail such as building outlines, parking lot entry ways, and hydrant locations allows emergency responders to formulate a response plan prior to arriving on scene. The village’s Geographic Information Systems (GIS) program, along with the dispatch system vendor, was able to setup a web mapping service that allowed first responders the ability to directly connect to the village’s GIS mapping environment.  This direct connection helps provide them with the most up to date mapping information. 

The mapping functionality and highly detailed map product integration came at no additional cost to the village and the ability to connect to the map was an out of the box function of the dispatch system, making this entire process a cost effective resource for the village’s local responder. The dispatch base mapping is also tied into the centralized village GIS databases.  Having the base map tied into these centralized GIS databases allows for easy updating of the map from one location and eliminates the need to update data in several locations. This saves multiple man hours while also providing a detailed, customizable map to dispatchers and first responders.