GIS Introduces Collector App for the Light Pole Painting Schedule


The Village of Winnetka has maintained data for some time on the condition of light poles within the Village, however, no clear light pole painting schedule was created. Previously, light pole inventory would be mapped out and printed on a large map and marked in the field when they are painted. This is quite the cumbersome task. Using new technology, GIS was able to come up with a more efficient way of collecting data.

Now, GIS has introduced the Collector App, a free application that staff can use to view all lights that need to be painted and mark them done as they go. No longer will large paper maps be needed! This application is downloaded onto a mobile device and can easily be used to edit existing features or create new features. With the Collector, users create a point at a desired location and define attributes associated to that point. Once that data is collected it can be brought back into the main frame of the GIS databases.

Using a smartphone to collect data is a more convenient platform to use in the field. This easy to use application is reducing the time it would have taken to mark information on a paper map and bring it back to GIS to record.