GIS Offers New Tools to Water Department

The Village of Lincolnwood’s Geographic Information System (GIS) team
has been hard at work developing tools to increase productivity and
simplify employee’s workflows related to geographic data. Through
MapOffice™ Advanced, a customized web mapping application, Village
employees have many tools aimed at extracting tabular data using
geographic contents.

The latest is the Water Main Isolation Tool, is aimed at providing
Village water maintenance crews the ability to find all water valves
connected to a section of water main. Water crews can now simply click
on a water main and find all connected valves eliminating field work and
research. This in turn will save not only time, but also water during a
main break which can become very problematic during the winter months.

In addition to showing connected valves, the tool documents affected
water hydrants, which have importance if a fire were to break out in the
vicinity during a main break. Village water crews are very excited to
use this new tool as they had said many good things during a
demonstration last week. New tools are routinely published in MapOffice™
Advanced on a monthly basis.