GIS Promotes Public Art Display


Rainbow Hospice and Palliative Care is an organization that assists
patients and their families when treatment and recovery from an illness
are no longer possible. This year, they sponsored a series of butterfly
sculptures around the city painted and decorated by local artists. This
is not the first time they have done this. In previous years, rainbow
sculptures and animal sculptures were displayed with great success. The
city wanted to promote the butterfly sculptures and it was decided the
most efficient way to do this was by creating a map for the general
public using GIS.

The butterfly sculptures were mainly displayed in the uptown business
district, so the idea for this project was to promote the ability to
walk around and see them all. The only outliers were located at the two
city fire stations on the north and south sides of town. A map had to be
created to show all the locations in great detail but still show where
they were located in relation to each other. This was accomplished by
displaying three location maps of the sculptures and an overview map of
the city. The final maps were available to the general public online, at
city hall, the library, the chamber of commerce, the Metra station, and
at the Village of Mount Prospect who was running the same program. In
the end, the public art display ends up promoting the uptown business
district by bringing in people from around town and surrounding