GIS Provides the Public with Commuter Parking Information


With gas prices in Chicagoland continuing to hover at less than
favorable levels and traffic going nowhere fast, public transportation
is an option many commuters are choosing. The Deerfield Metra Station in
downtown Deerfield offers commuters plenty of options to park, but
certain parking restrictions create questions for those looking to
utilize these parking lots. How much does it cost to park? Do I need a
parking permit? Can I leave my car parked overnight? These are just a
few of the questions that require time browsing the internet or placing
phone calls to the village in search of answers. In the Village of
Deerfield, the GIS Department has partnered with the Finance and
Community Development Departments to provide downtown commuter parking
information to the public in an easy-to-use, interactive map overlay on
MapOffice™. This powerful tool provides users with a convenient way of
finding answers to their parking questions. In addition, the overlay
also shows the locations of parking payment boxes, bike racks, and
handicapped spaces, whose locations can otherwise be elusive.

Without GIS, both village staff and the public would need to spend time
tracking down parking information from multiple sources. With the
public’s utilization of this MapOffice™ overlay, the number of inquiring
phone calls made to village staff can be greatly reduced, thus allowing
staff to focus their time and attention on more pressing matters and
other ways to assist the village.