GIS Support in Storm Response


During the April 18th storm that brought heavy rain and record
setting flooding to the Chicagoland area, many communities were
adversely affected by Mother Nature, and the Village of Glenview was no
exception. Between April 18 and April 22, village staff fielded over 300
calls from the community, with reports ranging from home and yard
flooding to sanitary sewer backups.

Working together with the Public Works and Capital
Projects/Inspectional Services departments, the GIS department was able
to map out each individual call to identify areas in the community that
were hit the hardest. Documenting the effects of the flood in the form
of maps and graphics allows for the assessment of the flood from a
spatial perspective, thus providing staff with a better understanding of
high risk areas throughout the village. It can also help staff identify
parts of the sewer systems that may require inspection to ensure they
are functioning at an optimal level.

While many homes were affected by the flooding, roadways didn’t fare
much better. Over 10 road closures occurred on the morning of April 18,
stretching from the far east side of the village all the way to its
western end. An overlay of these closures was created on MapOffice™
Advanced to inform staff of current road conditions. Road closure
mapping can provide staff and the public with a convenient way to
identify inaccessible areas and alternate routes throughout the village.

With the aid of GIS in flood events, the village has a resource for
developing powerful visual tools and providing important information to
staff and the general public in an easy to understand format.