GIS supporting computer aided dispatch


The Village of Wheeling Police Department, like all police
departments, uses Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) Machines to assist when
dispatching squad cars and ambulances. These systems typically come
with some sort of mapping program that shows the address of where a call
is coming from and the location of all police vehicles in the village.
Usually these maps are populated with generic regional data and don’t
contain much detail. The Village of Wheeling Police Department
requested that the base maps be updated with detailed village data
currently residing in the village’s online mapping program; MapOffice™

By using a combination of software installed with the CAD machines
and existing Village data, the GIS department was able to upload
improved and more accurate information for the dispatchers. Updated
information included addresses, building footprints, parking lots,
streets, daycares, and much more. This allowed the dispatchers to see
up-to-date information that is maintained locally, instead of free
regional data that may be a few years out-of-date. This also allows them
to give correct information to any officers that are dispatched to a
call, such as building locations or vehicle entrances and exits. By
using GIS, the Village of Wheeling is able to give their dispatchers and
officers updated information that is beneficial for their needs.