GIS supporting the 2012 paving program


Every year, the Village of Norridge has a set amount of money, based
on different sources, which they can use for repaving streets. For
2012, the Village has determined a list of what streets they would like
to pave with the option to modify the list based on actual costs. The
list was based off of a variety of factors such as age, pavement
condition, and location. The Village of Norridge used maps created by
the GIS department to help with their decision.

In the past, the GIS department has created a series of maps
showing which streets in the Village have been paved, and in which year.
The map has each year, from 1993 onward, as a different color
highlight. This allows any user to quickly determine when a street was
last paved. By using this map, in conjunction with field checks, the
Village was able to determine a list of the ideal streets to repave. A
new map was created showing the previously paved streets, as well as the
proposed streets for 2012. This map allows the village board to see
what is planned and if any changes need to be made. By using GIS, the
Village of Norridge was able to visualize pavement projects from the
past and use it to help determine future pavement projects.