GIS Supports Community Resource Center


The Village of Woodridge provides services to residents in need of education and support through their Community Resource Center. This center, which is supported mainly by the Woodridge Police Department, provides after school and summer programs for students, parenting support, ESL classes, and computer learning classes to residents. To assess the effectiveness of the Community Resource Center’s youth after school and summer programs, GIS was used to provide supporting materials for Village Board review.

GIS was used to create a map showing the distribution of student residences. Since many of the students live in multi-family buildings, the locations were color-graded to identify places where multiple students live. In addition, graphs were created using GIS data that displayed the socioeconomic characteristics for the students enrolled in the programs, which will be used to review the Center’s current service levels. This map and the associated graphs were included in a memo to the Village Board that details the attendance, programming, and staffing for the after school and summer programs. Maps and visual aids that are created using GIS provide a clear and concise view of data that may be difficult to interpret otherwise.