GIS Supports Community Sculpture Brochure


The Administration Department recently called upon the Village’s
Geographic Information System (GIS) to assist with the creation of a map
to be included in the Village sculpture brochure. The brochure is meant
to provide some history and a brief description about the Village’s ten
sculptures. In 2012, the Public Arts Advisory Committee (PAAC) bought
five new sculptures to be displayed around the Village. The PAAC
receives funds by tacking on a small fee to building permits exceeding
$10,000. The funds are exclusively used to make Skokie a more artistic
and aesthetically pleasing place to live.

To support the community sculpture brochure, GIS created a map of the
locations of each sculpture. These locations are numbered so the
corresponding sculpture can be referenced throughout the brochure. This
allows the reader to quickly locate and find information related to each
respective sculpture. Without the help of GIS the sculpture brochure
would not have a useful way to display the locations of the sculptures
on a map and getting to each sculpture would be more difficult.