GIS Supports Deerfield-Riverwoods Dispatch Consolidation


In early October 2013, the Village of Deerfield, IL began providing
emergency dispatch to the neighboring Village of Riverwoods. Citing
Deerfield’s state-of-the-art communications center, well-trained
Dispatch staff and proximity to Riverwoods, the two communities reached
an agreement that Deerfield would be Riverwoods’s dispatch provider in
early September 2013. The Deerfield Police Department has asked the
village’s Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Department for assistance
in providing the dispatch center with the necessary maps and address
information needed in order to provide effective dispatch service to

The Village of Deerfield uses New World Systems software to dispatch
Police units to reported incidents. This software relies heavily on GIS
information, such as accurate addresses, correct street names and
supporting map layers. The GIS Department was responsible for acquiring
Riverwoods GIS data, reviewing it for accuracy, and modifying it to fit
the New World Systems standards. As accurate addresses are a crucial
aspect of providing effective dispatch service, close attention was paid
to the address point and street centerline GIS data of Riverwoods. As
part of an ongoing process, GIS staff is responsible for maintaining
accurate and supportive address data and map layers, resolving data
related issues where necessary.

Without a local GIS system, the Village would have had to look to an
outside vendor for the appropriate data, which could result in receiving
data that is with less accurate and more costly to maintain. In
addition, the Village would not have the direct support and quick
turnaround with data management it currently has. When dealing with the
safety and well-being of the public, these aspects cannot be