GIS Supports ISO Accreditation


About every ten years a Fire Department conducts a review of their
services in order to increase their chances of getting a better
Insurance Services Organization (ISO) rating; the better a rating the
Fire Department receives, the more money a commercial property will save
on their fire insurance. In order to prepare for this evaluation, The
City of Park Ridge Fire Department is using all the techniques they can
find to boost their chances of a better overall rating. A technology aid
that was not around the last time they conducted an ISO evaluation was
the Geographic Information System or better known as GIS.

Although GIS is not the only contributor to this in-depth evaluation
process, it definitely allows the Fire Department to take advantage of
their in-house GIS staff to prepare maps and data at a lower cost. These
maps and data outputs will supply the ISO reviewer with the information
that they need in order to accurately judge the type of services the
Park Ridge Fire Department supplies and should in help in all efforts to
better the city’s ISO rating. In addition, should any other questions
arise during the review process; the GIS will be a great place to start
when trying to gather quick and accurate information; thus proving the
usefulness of the Geographic Information System’s ability to help when
needed and better yet, save people some money.