GIS supports Parking Committee needs

City employees continually review their current parking layouts
within active bu
siness districts so they are confident that they are
providing their residents with the best services possible. If the city
does not provide ample parking within busy shopping sectors of town, it
can easily fall victim to decreasing consumerism and complaints from
business employees who need a long-term location to park while they are
at work.

The Geographic Information System (GIS) Department of the City of
Park Ridge utilized its valuable resources to map out the current uptown
parking layout in order to create a base for analyzing future parking

By using the aerial photography that the city paid for in 2006, the
GIS Specialist was able to make out most of the street parking spaces
and parking lot layouts. The ability to quickly access accurate aerial
photography and use it in-house allowed ninety percent of the parking
inventory model to be done without going to the field; the remaining ten
percent was done via field checks. From there, all of discernable
spaces were then drawn into a geographic database and assigned a parking
designation (i.e. three hour, handicap, etc.). Once all of the data for
the parking model was created, maps were then generated to depict the
current parking layout. Moreover, statistics on the number of spots that
existed per parking category were summarized and added to each map,
which allowed for easy revenue calculations during a parking committee

As the parking committee continued to meet on a regular basis GIS
provided new maps that detailed the alternate parking layout proposals.
These proposals were then submitted to the city council on behalf of the
decisions made at the committee level, thus demonstrating how GIS can
be utilized across multiple platforms of local government.

The parking committee’s review process, in conjunction with the help
of GIS technology, answered valuable questions related to the services
that the city provides. In the end, the city was successful at
altering their uptown parking layout design in order to better address
the needs of its residents and businesses.