GIS Supports Street Light Bidding


The Village of Morton Grove’s engineering department recently called
upon its geographic information system (GIS) to support its 2013 street
light bidding project. This year the Village is looking to contract out
more than 300 of its street lights along Dempster St, Waukegan Rd,
Ferris Ave, and Lincoln Ave. GIS was used to provide supporting
materials to contractors bidding on the project.

To assist in the bidding process, GIS first inventoried all of the
street lights within the contract boundaries on each respective street.
Each boundary is defined by a street light controller that provides
power to all of the street lights on its grid. Additionally some Village
owned parking lots were included. The next step was to assign a unique
identification number to each street light based off of original plans
as well as the physical address of the controller. This provides a way
for contractors to easily distinguish which light they are performing
work on and will assist in managing the plethora of street lights in a
given area.

Without the use of GIS there would be no quick and efficient way to
not only display the street lights spatially but to maintain a multitude
of attributes for management purposes. Keeping these two paired
together is where the strength of GIS really is.