GIS Supports Tree Trimming Program


The Village of Morton Grove’s public works department recently called
upon its geographic information system (GIS) to assist in planning its
2013 tree trimming program. Beginning in 2012 the Village has utilized
GIS to provide location maps to contractors when the trimming project
has gone out to bid. The trimming is performed from east to west in the
project boundaries depending on the amount of funding available.

In 2012 a total of 840 trees were trimmed in an effort to provide
clearance above street and sidewalk right-of-ways. For 2013 a whopping
923 trees are in the plans for trimming. Candidate trees are selected by
measuring the size of the diameter of the tree at four and a half feet
off the ground. That measurement is then used to derive a price to trim
each selected tree.

Moving forward with the program this year, GIS has also begun
tracking the street segments that have gone out to bid. This will ensure
no duplication occurs in the future and will enable the Village’s
public works department to better track their tree trimming efforts.
Without GIS the project areas would need to be tracked manually and
inefficiencies in tracking the program through history would be sure to