GIS System Integration with Finance Databases

Like all local governments, the Village of Glencoe Finance Department uses software to manage all their accounts.  The department has been looking for ways to analyze and add a visual component to specific sets of data such as vehicle stickers or water billing.  The GIS department uses a feature called Business Intelligence, which is a way for the GIS system to integrate with Village databases and software.  Because the connection is to live data, anytime the Village databases are updated, the changes are reflected in the Village’s in-house mapping software, MapOffice™.   The databases are typically linked via address or PIN Number, which allows the mapping software to plot each data record on the map.  The data records can then be queried by specific attributes that are contained within the data.  This allows the Finance department to see such things as which residents haven’t bought a vehicle sticker, which houses have their water turned off, and which ones have purchased pet licenses, among other things.  By providing a visual aspect to a set of data tables and with the ability to query specific attributes, the Finance department is able to do more complex analysis that wouldn’t normally be possible.