GIS Tracks Water Meter Upgrades for Public Works


With the forward motion of technology, many local governments have
taken advantage of what is on the market in order to bolster the
productivity of their daily operations. For the Village of Morton Grove
Public Works Department, the use of such technology was twofold; one
being the change out and upgrade of all water meters to a wireless meter
reading system and two, the use of Geographic Information System (GIS)
to monitor the locations and status of these meter change outs.

The Morton Grove Public Works Department has recently engaged in a
contract with an outside consultant to switch out all water meters from
their standard system to a wireless system over the next few years. Not
only will this new system read the water use numbers of each meter in
town and send that number across the wireless network to one centralized
database for billing, it will also free up time of the village staff
who usually reads these meters manually allowing them to assist on other
projects within community. So where does GIS get involved? Easy, the
GIS Department takes spreadsheets full of water meter change out
locations from the Water Foreman and maps them based on their address.
From there these addresses become points on a map along with all of the
other pertinent information about each meter. Once these locations are
all mapped out, they are then published to the village’s interactive
mapping website and color coded by the year the meter was installed.
Over time, these meters will be continually mapped and published to this
website and the colors of each meter will change to a standard color
once the change out has occurred. Thus allowing the Water Foreman to
visualize what areas of town have been changed out and what areas still
need to be completed and further exemplifying the great use of
technology to save the village time and money.