GIS used for fireworks safety planning


The Village of Oak Brook’s community development department handles a
variety of matters, one of which includes permitting for pyrotechnics.
For this particular project, community development had a resident come
in and request a permit for a private fireworks display on his property.
In order for the permit to be granted, community development needed to
figure out whether or not this resident’s property met the requirements
set by the ordinance dealing with pyrotechnics. The ordinance states
that no pyrotechnics can be set off within a distance of 21 feet of a
building or neighboring property line, for every 1/5 inch of projectile
barrel size. For this particular display, the required perimeter was
105’ from all buildings.

The image displayed shows the resident’s property, along with all
restricted and unrestricted areas on his property. The analysis had to
include 105’ perimeters around the main building, which was his house,
around the free-standing shed on the northwest portion of the property,
and inside of his entire property line. By applying a 105’ buffer around
both of these buildings and inside the property line, it was determined
that there was a small portion of land on the central north end of his
property that met all requirements set by the ordinance. This map and
analysis helped community development by giving an accurate location for
the fireworks display, while adhering to the requirements set forth by
the ordinance.