GIS used to encourage biking and walking in Lincolnshire


Lincolnshire is a picturesque village in Lake County, well known for
its mature trees, numerous parks, and attractively landscaped open
spaces. One of the best ways to enjoy the scenery is to walk or bike
around town using the wide local streets and recreational paths that
connect them. To encourage non-motorized traffic in the Village, GIS was
asked to update the hiking and biking trail map to highlight existing
routes as well as key points of interest. In addition to showcasing area
parks and retail shopping, visitors to Lincolnshire can also quickly
identify free parking and public drinking fountain locations. Local
schools are also marked so that parents can identify safe routes for
their children to use.

The end product is provided to the public in two formats, print
and interactive. The printable version is an 11-by-17 inch map that
visitors and residents can print out and keep as a general reference.
Anyone looking for greater detail can access the interactive version
online to determine precise locations of particular attractions or the
proximity of their homes to existing facilities. Both products can be
viewed on the Village’s website at