GIS Used to Maintain Sign Inventory

​An accurate inventory of sign locations is crucial for keeping roads
safe for driving. Missing signs or faded signs can lead to motorists
missing important warnings about road hazards.

In 2003, the city hired an intern to collect sign locations
throughout the entire community. The sign information entered into an
SQL database as posts represented as Arc/Info coverage points. A custom
application was created to allow city staff to edit sign record
information. In January 2009, the post points and sign records were
migrated to a single ESRI SDE database. This allowed City staff the
ability to edit post locations and sign records in an ESRI ArcView

By allowing city staff to edit data, update work is added when
completed in the field. Supervisors are able to query the database to
plan and track sign replacement programs. Employees also select signs by
area to create reports and maps for meetings.

By using a GIS to maintain a sign inventory, the city saves many
man-hours that would otherwise be used to searching through paper files.
They can also quickly produce maps and reports that are impossible with
the mapping component of GIS.