Glencoe plans for the unexpected using GIS


As a part of its disaster preparedness process, the Village of
Glencoe has been working with GIS to build a repository of maps to meet a
variety of needs. One of the recent projects was the creation of an
evacuation route map to distribute to the public during an event. The
letter-sized map clearly highlights the main roads that lead in and out
of the Village. By having copies on hand during an emergency, community
staff will be able to quickly direct people to safety, even if they are
unfamiliar with the area.

Without GIS, emergency planners would either have to hand-draw and
copy a map or hire an outside vendor to create these maps at a
considerably higher cost. Plus, as the Village continues to change over
time, GIS can be used to update these maps without taking up valuable
staff time. Even the initial creation of the map was efficient because
existing data was used as the basis.