Glenview gains a new perspective on its road inventory


During the past year, Glenview’s GIS program has been working closely
with Capital Projects staff to develop a comprehensive inventory of its
roads. In the past, GIS has assisted by weighing a range of criteria that influence the priorities for annual resurfacing and reconstruction projects.
This annual project created opportunities for a careful review,
reorganization, and expansion of the existing GIS data. In turn,
Glenview reached a point this summer where it was able to easily share
the inventory with the rest of the Village staff.

In August, GIS released a new custom overlay for MapOffice™ Advanced
called “Road Inventory.” When staff members turn on this layer, they get
a quick view of the relative age of every road in the Village. Warm
colors (reds and oranges) represent older roads in the Village, while
cool colors (yellows and greens) depict roads that were constructed or
reconstructed more recently. If users want more information, they can
click on a specific road segment to pull up its surface and overall
ratings (as assessed in 2011by Infrastructure Management Services) as
well as a known history of work completed.

The next step for Glenview is to integrate data on its Minor Area Resurfacing Strategy (MARS),
pavement patching, and crack sealing projects. The staff also plans to
make this data available to the public via MapOffice™ to increase
transparency in how the Village manages its more than 167 miles of