Helping youth organizations with holiday deliveries


This fall, the Committee for Representing Our Young Adults, also
known as CROYA, has introduced a visual aid to help with their annual
poinsettia orders and deliveries. CROYA is a branch of the Rec Center in
Lake Forest, and offers programs for young people to become involved in
their communities.

The GIS department worked with CROYA staff to discuss the needs and
options available to create a better workflow for the upcoming
poinsettia deliveries. Due to the number of orders, as well as the
number of people available to deliver, having a map to plan out who will
deliver in certain areas was a big help to the logistics of the whole

The outcome of the project resulted in large scale maps for CROYA
staff to reference when planning deliveries, which included addresses
and the order information spreadsheet. In addition to this, the plotted
out orders were put into MapOffice Advanced for staff to be able to
reference on the fly. Having an interactive version of their data will
prove useful when zooming into an area or turning on the aerial
photography to gain more information.

CROYA hopes to continue utilizing GIS in future events, which are
provided not only for the City of Lake Forest, but also neighboring Lake
Bluff and Knollwood.