Highway fire districts


The Village of Oak Brook is located at the junction of two major
highways, with a third highway located just to the Village’s northeast
boundary. As a result of the Village’s close proximity to these
highways, Oak Brook’s fire department is assigned to respond to
emergencies on portions of all three highways. The fire department
previously used an outdated map book to determine routing and location.
But due to recent construction on the highways and the Village’s switch
to a new dispatch center, the fire department found it necessary to
create designated highway districts for their response areas.

The first step to creating new districts was to receive updated mile
marker locations from the Illinois State Toll Highway Authority. Once
the mile marker points were plotted on an aerial map, the fire
department was able to field check their locations and determine how to
layout the districts based off of entrance and exit ramps, and the
coverage areas assigned by the state. After multiple drafts were
created and reviewed, the fire department was able to determine exact
boundaries and assign district numbers based off of the highway name and
direction of travel. It was essential to use GIS while creating these
new districts not only for the visual aid that it provided, but also its
unique ability to provide spatially accurate locations for all mile
markers, entrance and exit ramps, emergency turnarounds, and toll