Impervious Surface Calculation Assists with identifying areas for Re-Development


In order increase development, the Village decided to update its
current storm water ordinance. This updated storm water ordinance would
allow land to be developed if it is at least 80 percent impervious.

In order to see determine if enough properties would meet this
criteria, the Village enlisted the help of the GIS department. Through
the use of 2010 aerial imagery, parking, sidewalk and paved areas, the
total area of impervious surface was calculated for parcels in the
commercial corridor. Without the use of GIS, Village staff would have to
rely on old imagery from Google maps to estimate the impervious
percentage for each property in the commercial corridor which would take
a considerable amount of time.

Parcels that had an impervious surface greater than 80 percent
were color coded and identified on a map. This information was also
combined with the age of the building on each property. Properties with
buildings older than 30 years and an impervious surface greater than 80
percent were identified as areas for redevelopment. The Village will use
this information in order to plan and attract new businesses in the
area. Recently, Gibson’s restaurant opened up on Spring Rd.