Improving Address Accuracy for ComEd Electricity Aggregation


On August 10, 2009, Governor Quinn signed into law Public Act
096-0176, which allows municipalities to arrange for the provision of
electricity to residential and small commercial retail customers by
alternative electric suppliers. As a result of this law ComEd is
required to provide a list of service addresses to alternate electric
suppliers. ComEd requested that the Village review the ComEd list of
service addresses and return any updates.

The village Managers Office requested the GIS Office to compare the
ComEd Service Address List against address list in the GIS database.
The GIS office reviewed the ComEd Service Address List using GIS tools.
Because the GIS address list is considered the master address list the
review could be done against one address table.

The review uncovered issues with street names, address numbers, and
units. It was also discovered the ComEd Service address list was
missing some addresses that were recorded by the Village. All issues
and updates were returned to ComEd so their service records could be
updated. Without a master address list in the GIS database the review
would have required a manual review against several address lists. By
using GIS tools to review the ComEd Service Address List, the Village
efficiently completed the request for ComEd. The Village is now
confident that all residents of the Village will be notified of their
options to switch electricity providers.